Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Spoke Sciences, Inc. ("Spoke") is committed to protecting any personal information that you may disclose to us on any Spoke website. We respect your privacy. This policy discloses how we collect information from visitors to our websites, how we use that information, and how requests to change how such information is used can be made.

California Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is designed to comply with all state laws, including the laws of California (available here: https://oag.ca.gov/privacy/ccpa#sectiond). California residents are entitled to know that Spoke collects contact information (such as name, email address, company, physical address, and phone number) to communicate with you and provide you with marketing and other information regarding our services and our products. Spoke does not sell your personal information to any third party.

The Types of Information We Collect

We may collect, and you may choose to provide, two types of information: anonymous information, and personally identifiable information (“PII”). Anonymous information is not associated with an individual. An example would be a user’s zip code, not tied to any particular person. Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that can identify you, such as your name, email address, address, and telephone number.

We may use anonymous cookies (see description, below) to collect demographic information, track site metrics, or provide a more relevant experience for site visitors.

At your option, you may choose to provide us with PII in response to website requests for such information, for example if you offer your email address in order to obtain access to literature on our website, or to join a mailing list. When you provide us with such information, you are no longer anonymous with respect to that information.

How We Use Personally Identifiable Information

We do our best to be clear about any effort we make on our websites to gather PII from you. If you do choose to provide us with PII, it is important for you to know how we may use such information. We may use PII to:

  • provide you with product information
  • allow you to purchase products
  • market products to you
  • send you email notices or newsletters at your request*
  • communicate with you for other purposes

*All email messages from us will allow you to opt out of future emails

How We Secure Your Information

Our commitment is to protect and PII that you share with us. Spoke does not intend to sell or otherwise distribute your PII to third parties without your permission. We also use reasonable precautions to protect your PII, including technical, administrative, and physical procedures.

In the event of a data breach, a notification will appear on the website within 72 hours of the breach.

When we contract with other companies to provide us with web services, we only share PII with those who have said that they share our commitment to privacy and information security. We cannot, however, be responsible for any breach of security or for the actions of these parties, and your use of the site is subject to Spoke’s Terms of Use. Moreover Spoke is not responsible for the information you volunteer about yourself in posting comments, discussion forums or other publicly accessible interactions.

Use of Cookies

To provide you with enhanced experiences on our websites, we often will use “cookies.” A cookie (aka a “web cookie” or “browser cookie”) is a string of coded text that is stored on a website visitor’s device. If you provide us with PII, cookies may be used to store this information. Cookies can only be used by the server that placed them on your device.

Cookies allow our servers to identify your device and present information that is most relevant for you. Frequent uses of cookies include:

  • authentication (login) to a site
  • storing preferences when you return to the site
  • storing selected items as you navigate through the site
  • displaying relevant content to match your interest
  • tracking site activity
  • maintaining data for you as you navigate through our site

Whether or not to accept cookies is your option, and you are free to set the controls on the web browser on your device to reject cookies. If you choose to reject cookies, the functionality of our sites may be more limited for you, and your access to some areas of our sites may be limited or completely restricted.

How to Contact Us and Manage Your Information

You may request that Spoke allow you to review, update, and/or remove PII that you provided to us from this website. To make such a request, please complete the  Data Privacy Request Form, including your name, email address, country, and the nature of the request.

If you choose to have PII removed, this may prevent you from accessing certain restricted areas of our websites (like if you rejected cookies in your browser settings). To regain access, you may need to re-enter your PII. You can always opt out of our emails by clicking the provided opt-out link.

Note that Spoke websites may contain links to third party sites that Spoke does not own or maintain. Spoke is not responsible for the privacy practices or other aspects of those sites.

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