IsoCaps Technology


Our patent-pending IsoCaps platform is a groundbreaking technology designed for scalable and stable delivery of plant-derived ingredients. The performance of IsoCaps is far superior to existing approaches. Concentrated IsoCaps ingredients can, for example, deliver 100 milligrams or more of an active ingredient in a single milliliter of water. And because we use a fraction of the excipients used in traditional approaches, our IsoCaps ingredients are inherently affordable and more sustainable.

IsoCaps lipophilic active ingredients are provided in stable aqueous dispersions that can be easily incorporated into finished products without the need to modify existing manufacturing processes.

Fluid Crystal Matrix Technology

Fluid crystal matrix (FCM™)

Our patented FCM technology is designed to maximize the concentration and bioavailability of difficult-to-solubilize plant-derived compounds inside a pseudo-membrane structure that closely mimics living cells. Originally developed for pharmaceutical applications, the membrane-like structure of our fluid crystal matrix makes it ideal for applications to skin and mucous membranes.

Wafertech Technology


Wafertech is our patent-pending technology for infusing lipophilic active ingredients into any beverage via a “porous substrate” such as a coffee filter, single-serve coffee pod, tea bag, or a wafer that fits a standard café-style espresso machine. Wafertech technology improves handling and stability by maintaining separation of lipophilic active ingredients and other beverage components. Wafertech eliminates machine fouling and ensures zero carryover from cup to cup.

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